As part of our mission to support and accelerate innovative one water management strategies, educate and inspire people about the value of water, and celebrate leadership in sustainable water management, the US Water Alliance has issued the following publications.

June 2017

This report presents a water equity framework, drawing on the wisdom and innovation of hundreds of leaders from across the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.

March 2017

Report on the economic benefits of investing in water infrastructure finds that if we close the investment gap for water infrastructure, there is a ripple effect of sustained job creation, GDP growth, and more.

January 2017

It’s been a remarkable year for the US Water Alliance. Guided by a restructured board of directors and new Chief Executive Officer, the organization has developed a threeyear strategy and aligned its programming around that vision. A surge in new members and financial supporters— coupled with new staff with diverse backgrounds and expertise—has enabled us to expand our capacity to take on projects that address the most critical water issues facing the nation. We are furthering our reach and impact, bringing new stakeholders to the One Water table, and building strong partnerships for progress. We hope you enjoy reviewing our 2016 Annual Report as much as we’ve enjoyed our One Water movement building this past year.

Cheers to an even greater 2017!

December 2016

The One Water Roadmap: The Sustainable Management of Life's Most Essential Resource is a guide to changing the way water is managed in America. The roadmap outlines a bold approach for tackling our biggest water challenges. The roadmap outlines six arenas for action where we are making progress: Reliable and Resilent Utilities, Thriving Cities, Competitive Business and Industry, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Social and Economic Inclusions, and Healthy Waterways.

December 2016

Executive Summary of the One Water Roadmap: The Sustainable Management of Life's Most Essential Resource.

May 2015

Issued during Infrastructure Week 2015, this paper by the Value of Water Coalition spotlights innovative solutions to the nation’s growing water challenges through capital investments, technological innovations, creative financing tools, and cross-sector partnerships.


This paper identifies successful practices and models for successful municipal-agricultural collaborations that improve watershed health through case studies that focus on solving nutrient over-enrichment in our waterways and groundwater.

December 2014

With support from the McKnight Foundation, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread, and Meridian Institute, hosted the Mississippi River Nutrient Dialogues, the US Water Alliance convened a series of conversations with water and wastewater utilities, agriculture leaders, environmental organizations and state/federal officials to how to reduce excess nutrients in waterways.

March, 2013

In a world of increasing competition for scarce resources (including water, energy, and food) our future will depend increasingly on recycling and recovery of key resources. This guiding document uses our one water values to endorse policies, strategies, and regulation to advance resource recovery.

November 2012

Stormwater regulatory reform has the potential to prevent a major growing source of pollution in our nation’s waters. In alignment with the US Water Alliance’s one water vision, this statement of principles supports green infrastructure approaches.

November 2011

Informed by green infrastructure research and education programs of the Alliance, this paper provides recommendations developed with partner organizations including American Rivers, The Conservation Fund, Low Impact Development Center, and Smart Growth America.

February 2011

The US Water Alliance’s Water Sustainability Principles for a National Policy Framework, developed through several national dialogues, outlines a flexible framework to inspire visionary one water sustainability thinking and influence innovative, integrated and sustainable water policy.

September 2010

The report summarizes the National Dialogue held by the US Water Alliance in Los Angeles, CA on September 27-28, 2010. The Dialogue focused on best practices, barriers and solutions for better integrating a one water management.

March 2010

The report summarizes the national dialogue held in Washington, D.C. on March 25-26, 2010. The dialogue focused on how water is valued in various industries in the United States, including energy, agricultural, ecological, municipal, and industrial.

September 2009

In September 2009, the Alliance hosted its first national dialogue which brought together nearly 30 leaders in the water community to discuss one water sustainability. This report summarizes the discussion on increasing challenges to adequate supplies of clean and safe water that meet the demands of energy production, agricultural expansion, and population growth.