Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture

The US Water Alliance believes that arts and culture can move the needle for One Water management—an approach to water management that is inclusive and integrated to ensure a sustainable water future for future generations.

Efforts to integrate arts and culture into the water sector have been sparse to date. But there are some exciting examples of how water and wastewater utilities, conservation organizations, and water reliant businesses—including US Water Alliance members—are making invisible water systems visible, engaging and educating the public in new ways, taking a creative approach to planning, and transforming communities through art.

To accelerate these innovative and promising efforts, the US Water Alliance is partnering with ArtPlace America to catalogue the best and brightest models and partnerships that are utilizing arts and culture to advance sustainable, integrated and equitable water management in an action-oriented blueprint document, complete with in-depth case studies, which will be released at the One Water Summit 2018 in the Twin Cities.

This partnership will build upon a new ArtPlace report released earlier this month, Farther, Faster, Together: How Arts and Culture Can Accelerate Environmental Progress, as well as signature publications by the US Water Alliance including One Water Roadmap: The Sustainable Management of Life’s Most Essential Resource and An Equitable Water Future. Examined together, these bodies of work illustrate how multi-sector arts and culture partnerships can contribute to a sustainable water future for all.